Excerpts from the Collection of the School for Woodcarving and Carpentry Berchtesgaden, curated by Jonathan Rüde
February 12 - 25, Opening February 11, 3-7 PM

Mountain View

Daniel Burley - HOOKERO HOOKERO Warum muss der Sohn betteln? - Pachet Fulmen,
Bruno Gironcoli, Jonathan Rüde, Julian Tromp
I've still got it but do I want it - Sylvie Fleury,
Karen Kilimnik, Neil Haas, Jenny Holzer
Elisa Barrera, Meike Gerdes, Evan Jose, Laura Langer,
Tomás Nervi, Philipp Poell, Damon Sfetsios
Clemens Freigang & Michael Sullivan - Das dritte Herz Gina Fischli - Molto Suggestivo
Jannis Marwitz Jonathan Rüde Regina Klusmann
Simon Glaser Andrej Michalec - nothing happens Stella Sieber - PREVIEW

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